Masters from United States of America

Completed your bachelor’s degree and looking forward for Masters’ degree from a reputed institute? What could be a better option than USA? Regardless of the fact you are a local resident of USA or international student, the country offers range of master’s and doctorate’s degree in various disciplines. Because the country has earned a reputation of academic excellence, thus influx of international students opting for masters’ degree in the US is growing every year. In the US, the Master’s degree is awarded by Graudate School.

A Brief Insight about Graduate School

Grad schools, or graduate schools, award advanced academic degrees i.e. masters and doctoral degree to those students who have completed their bachelor’s degree from a reputed and accredited institution. International students often make a mistake of assuming professional schools as graduate schools. However, there is a distinction between the two. The former schools are specifically meant for offering advanced degrees in professional fields like nursing, engineering, law, etc,.Now, let’s gather details about the latter degree.

Master’s Degree – A Snapshot

The master’s degree of the US is specifically meant for providing education in a specialized field or branch. It can be professional or academic. The degree is completed within the time span of two to three years. The country awards several kinds of Master’s degree, however Masters of Arts (M.A.) and Masters of Science (M.S.) are the most popular degrees opted by large number of students. Students pursuing Masters from the US universities need to complete 6-8 advanced courses along with an intensive study project commonly known as thesis for earning the degree. The thesis is unique piece of research paper prepare by students in a particular field of program chosen by student.

The Master’s degree can be obtained in the following streams:

  • Arts
  • Biology & Life Sciences
  • Business Studies
  • Economics & Administration
  • Food & Beveage Studies
  • Humanities and Social
  • Sciences
  • Management
  • Natural Sciences

Aforementioned are some of the streams, but not limited to, in which students can pursue master’s degree.

If statistics are to be believed, every year approx. 500000 students earn Master’s degree from the US, out of which only 3% is Americans. Thus, there is a huge scope for international students for gaining high-quality education and attaining a sense of professional accomplishment by gaining high-paid jobs.

Doctoral Program- A Sneak Peek

The doctoral degree i.e. Ph.D. is rated as the highest academic credential earned by local or international students in the U.S. The course helps in preparing students for research scholar positions and other career positions that demand advanced knowledge and research skills. The doctoral coursework typically comprises of three-four semesters. Before starting extensive independent research on the specialized topic, students need to pass written as well as oral exam relevant to their studies. Students usually take a year or more in completing their thesis and submitted it to a committee of 3-5 professors, who have guided them throughout their course of study.

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