USA, one of the most developed nations of the world, is renowned worldwide for excellent education, unparalleled networking opportunities and research work. Housing some of the most reputed universities of the world, the county offers several MBA programs to cater to needs of students with different interests. Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago and Duke University are some of the most famous business schools of United States.  However, international students need to fulfil several criteria to get admission in reputed US universities.

Criteria Mandatory to Fulfil by International Students

Bachelor Degree is a Must- For seeking admission in management in USA, minimum four year bachelor degree is mandatory.  In India, bachelor degree comprises of three years, which is not acceptable for management program in USA. Therefore, Indian students need to obtain four-year professional bachelor degree such as Medical or Engineering for becoming eligible to study MBA in USA. Even if students have completed their master degree like M.Com or MA, they are eligible for admission in MBA.

Work Experience- An Added Advantage- Most of the US universities give preference to those students who possess work experience of two-three years along with four year professional degree program.

Clearing GMAT exam- GMAT, The Graduate Management Admission Test, is necessary to clear with good scores for getting admission in top-rated US Universities. For international students, clearing GMAT becomes all more important as good GMAT score strengthens their chances of getting student visa. If an international student gets admission in US university for MBA program but has not given GMAT test, likelihood of getting student visa reduces significantly.

Passing TOEFL Exam- TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is a mandatory exam, which international students need to clear for getting admission in management program in USA. The test checks the efficiency level of students in English language. Students with strong writing and vocabulary seldom face any problem in clearing the exam.

Other Important Factors

  • Human Resource Management, Portfolio Management, Informatics, Marketing, Corporate Restructuring are few fields in which students can pursue their specialization in MBA program.
  • A factor important to discuss cost of management education in USA is costlier than other countries. Scholarship and loans help in reducing financial burden to a certain extent. The tuition fee structure of public and private universities varies greatly. However, difference in cost does not affect quality of education.
  • Obtaining full scholarship for studies is a herculean task but it covers entire education cost. Thus, if students work hard and get good grades, likelihood of obtaining full scholarship is high.
  • Full time MBA, part time MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA) are few MBA programs which students can choose from as per their interests and budget.
  • It goes without saying that chances of getting good job opportunity not only in USA but in India also always remain high if international students pursue MBA program from top-rated universities.

Indian students who are interested in gaining MBA education from US and facing hardships can call us any time for obtaining detailed information.