Bachelor Degree from USA

United States of America, commonly known as US, is the third most populous country of the world. It is because the country offers world-class facilities in every field- be it business, technology, innovation and education. Talking specifically about education, the US is considered as the home of some of the world’s most prestigious universities offering excellent course curriculum of Bachelors’ and Master’s degrees. Vast research opportunities, international exposure and multiple career choices are some other factors attract students towards the US.

Every year, lakhs of students from all over the world come to USA for pursuing Bachelors’ course program, which are typically referred as undergraduate degrees in the US.

Details about Four Year Undergraduate Degree

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) and B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degrees are two most common bachelor’s degrees offered by different US universities. If a student opts for B.A, the majority of course would be related to humanities, social sciences or fine arts. However, if a student opts for the B.S., majority of course would revolve around physical sciences, life or mathematical sciences. Commonly referred as college degrees, these degrees are completed in the time span of four years. Some students complete the degree in three years by taking extra classes. On the other hand, many students, who are involved in detailed course of study, complete the bachelors’ degree in five years.

Both local as well as international students have plethora of choices with regard to Bachelor’s degree. Some of the major categories of bachelor’s degree offered by most of the college and universities are:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N)
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (B. Phil)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W)
  • Bachelor of Architecture degree (B.Arch)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng)
  • Bachelor of Design (B.Des)
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (B.S.P.A)
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  • Bachelor of Business (B.Bus.)


Associate Degrees

In the US, many colleges offer Associates Degrees, which are considered as two year course program in different fields. After completing Associate Degrees successfully, students need to opt for additional two years of study for gaining Bachelor’s degree. These degrees are offered by Community colleges. Associate of Arts Degree (A.A. Degree) and Associate of Science Degree (A.S.) are designed in such a manner that after completing these degrees successfully, students will automatically get transfer to a 4-year bachelor’s degree program. For instance, if a student has done Childhood Education, he can become a teacher at elementary school after completing two year bachelor’s degree program.

Many community colleges have tie-ups with local college. These tie-ups are known as enrollment agreements. These agreements state that after completing two years of Associate Degree, University will impart remaining two years of bachelor’s study. These degrees are also termed as Occupational or vocational as these degrees are basically opt by middle-level employers, working in science or technology related fields.

After undergraduate degree, many students even plan to enroll in graduate degree from U.S.

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