Arts in USA

Are you really passionate about discovering your interest and talent, and have a desire to turn your passion into profession? If so, Arts is one field made for you. Studying Arts degree from reputed university of United States of America has its own sets of benefits. Besides high quality education, you will get international exposure and lucrative career options. So, if you have decided to study Arts in USA, we are there to support and guide you in the times of need. Before moving further, let’s give a brief overview about fine arts colleges of USA.

An Overview: Fine Arts College of USA

In the US, fine arts colleges impart education in performing arts or visual arts to local as well as international students. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) are two degrees offered by different schools.

BFA- If students opt for BFA, majority of course curriculum i.e. two-third comprises of practical studio work i.e. study of fine arts, and one-third comprises of liberal arts like philosophy, mathematics, literature, etc. In other words, it can be said that BFA course is designed for those students who are willing to gain professional education in performing or visual arts.

BA- On the other hand if students chose BA degree, the most common under-graduate degree chosen by international and local students, then focus is laid upon general education courses i.e. on liberal art studies like literatures, philosophy, political behaviors, etc.

Both the degrees are completed within the time span of 4 years. After choosing degree, students have to finalize their arts’ specialty i.e. major subject. Musical theater, sculpture, drawing, computer animation are few specialties offered by arts colleges. The eligibility criteria for taking admission into Arts College vary from institute to institute. However, students must possess basic skills like proficiency in English language, achieving university minimum entry score and demonstrate their interest and strong passion for the subject.

Career Options

The degree in fine arts is quite competent enough and open up unique and rewarding career opportunities. The skills acquired by students during bachelors’ and masters’ degree are useful in several industries like public relation, music, marketing, media, etc. For instance, talking specifically about artist, it is one profession which exists in different industries ranging from film industry to real estate. An artist can shape sculptures, words, concepts, etc. Same is the case with music. A fine art student can either become a music composer, film sound editor, Radio PR, etc.

For art students, endless opportunities exist not only in the US, but across the globe. Therefore, think wisely before choosing arts’ courses and accordingly gather information about admission process.

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