Accounting in US

In the United States of America, there is a huge demand for qualified accounting professionals. Possessing masters in accounting degree from reputed US universities paves the way to successful accounting career. Due to the availability of excellent accounting programs, USA acts as a hot destination for pursuing bachelor’s as well as masters in Accounting program. University of Texas-Austin, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, Stanford University, etc., are some of the universities renowned for offering high quality education in accounting programs.

Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs

In the US, Masters in Accounting refer in three ways : Master of Accounting MAcc or Mac, Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcy, MPA, MPAc or MPAcc), Master of Science in Accounting (MSA). The undergraduate degree of accounting comprises of four years. Depending upon the students’ ability and kind of program chosen, the same program is completed within the time span of three as well. Those students who take internship position in a semester year to gain some practical experience complete the undergraduate degree in five years. International students have option to take course in different streams such as finance, mathematics, statistics, etc. In order to complete bachelor’s degree in accounting successfully, students need to obtain 120 credits in accounting majors. Once undergraduate degree is obtained, students can pursue master’s degree in accounting or even CPA designation. CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant and it is a degree specially reserved for accountants in USA.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters Courses in Accounting

It is expected from students to have bachelor’s degree either in accounting or related qualitative subject like computing, commerce, finance, etc. for pursuing masters. Though, if students are able to prove that they are numerically sound, possessing bachelor’s degree in is not mandatory. On the other hand, there are few institutions which accept only professionally qualified accountants into master’s program. International subjects need to clear GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)or GRE (Graduate Record Examination) test for proving their proficiency in English language.

Masters in accounting usually last either for one or two years. For qualifying the degree, students need to complete 30 to 36 semester hours or credits. In master’s degree, students are taught through seminar classes, combination of lectures, project work and case studies. The course program ends with dissertation prepared and submitted after making extensive and independent research work. Some students even get the option to undertake accounting projects for different organization.

Job Prospects for Accounting Students

Be it for international or local student, job prospects always remain very bright throughout different industries. It is because accounting is one subject, which is vital for every businesses. Moreover, in order to handle US tax code, every business prefers hiring professionals. So, in such a scenario, if a student possess masters’ degree, it would prove quite beneficial for his career. Besides this, Accounting graduates always have option either to open their own accounting firm or work as a CPA with any firm. So, it can be said students with accounting degree has galore of career options not only in US but in their home country also.

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